3D Dimensional Part Scanning

3D part scanning

Why Choose Innomation Technologies Inc. for your Verification Cell Tooling Robot and Programming Needs?

Once your part is added to your customized fixture our Verification Cell scans over your parts and checks for accuracy by scanning for data and verifying all measurements. This Innomation Technologies Inc. product is a cost effective solution for your quality control department. Our Cell allows you to easily add or remove fixtures from our robotic Verification Cell which then calls on the correct preprogrammed specs to allow verification of parts to run automatically.
• Verifies machined parts for accuracy within 0.1mm.
• Portable and compact. Approximately 7 feet tall x 5 1/2 feet square.
• Retooling for new parts will be done in a short time frame and programmed to your exact specifications by Innomation Technologies Inc.
• Very cost effective as our Verification Cell allows for retooling and reprogramming to meet your changing parts verification needs.
• Can be plugged into a regular 115 volt power outlet. This allows immediate use without changes.
• Portable and constructed on wheels to be easily moved to different locations.
• Can easily swap out tooling for verification of many different products on one cell.
• Sensors are programmed to know what is in our Verification Cell and automatically provides part
verification based on customized interchangeable fixtures.
• Ensures quality checking of data to show, in SPC (Statistical process control) form, what time part was built, barcode information and more to ensure quality of all your manufactured parts, which reduces work load for inspection department.

A Robotic System to easily verify a high volume of
your production parts for quality and accuracy.
Must be loaded and uloaded manually.
Verification Cell tooling examples include:
– machined parts
– aircraft parts
– engine parts
– medications in pill form
– automotive parts
– any type of uniform parts

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