Fixtures & Tooling Manufacturing

Hose Assembly Fixture

Assists in the assembly of GM filler pipe.

– Holds filler pipe in proper orientation for installation of the filler end and rubber hose.
– Installs filler end and rubber hose onto the filler pipe.

GM Zeta Tank Check Fixture

Designed to check tank for proper size and datum points.

Triple Nut Runner Tooling

Torques three seat bench assembly bolts.

– Ergonomic tooling for user; has air lift/lower assist.
– Capable of tightening three bolts at different torques and angles.
– Decreased cycle time.

Seat Assembly Fixturing

Seat assembly fixture used to build the seat backs before assembling them to the seats.
– Ergonomic. Able to raise and lower height for operator ease.
– Locks in seat frame for operator.
– Status lights for torque complete.
– Small and easily portable.

Racetrack with Seat Build Fixtures

Designed to assist in the building of seat backs while being compact and affordable.

– Expandable and Flexible.
– Pneumatic stops to hold fixture in place.
– Could be used for any simple assembly operation.
– Overhead trees to hang extra lighting, torque guns, scanners, HMI’s, etc.
– Compact, requires minimal space.

Seat Lift Assist Tooling

Used to assist the operator in lifting seats from the line to a shipping pallet.

– Ergonomic
– Pneumatic lift and lower for operator ease.
– Hangs on overhead gantry system to maneuver seats.

Telescopic Heat Shield Installation Table

Designed to assist the operator when installing a heat shield onto the fuel tank.

– Ergonomic for operator
– Raises to 60” high and lowers to 30”.
– Properly locates heat shield onto tank.
– Rotates complete 360 degrees for operator.
– Compact. Requires little space.

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