Stand Alone Stations

BMW F25 Filler Pipe Assembly Station

Assembly station assists operator in the building of the filler pipe.

– Rubber hose press installation assist.
– Screw clamp install and torque.
– Tug testing vent line connections on filler pipe.
– Data tracking.
– Vent line installation assist.

BMW F25 Filler Pipe Pre-Cut Station

Cuts flashing off of the filler pipe after molding. Installs metal bushing inside of the pipe to prevent the pipe from caving in when rubber hose is installed. Weighs pipe for proper material thickness.

– AC Motor used to de-flash the pipe.
– Automatic bushing installation.
– Weight scaled and temperature stored and sent to server.
– Data tracking.

Multi Running Board Press Station

Installs rubber mat onto the running board.

– Able to manufacture multiple running boards.
– Automatic configuration.
– Data tracking.

Chrysler Child Seat Assembly Station

Assembles the child seat module which fits into the two pass area on the rear seat.

– Ergonomic. Able to raise and lower for operator height.
– Tilt and rotate while holding frame in place.
– Data tracking.
– Torque controller.

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