Sequencing & Buffering System

BMW E70 Fuel Tank ASRS

Designed to store finished fuel tanks.

– Stores 240 finished fuel tanks.
– Servo driven axis.
– 80 inch/second travel speed.
– Sequences tanks according to customer build requirements.
– Data Tracking.

BMW F25 Fuel Tank Cooling Buffer

Stores fuel tanks to cool after the tanks have been molded. Unloads tanks to weld cell robot when required.

– Stores up to 80 fuel tanks.
– 45 minute cooling time.
– Operators loading and robotic unload.
– Fully automated lift and conveyor system.
– Data Tracking.

BMW F25 Fuel Tank Sequencer

Designed to sequence finished fuel tanks to ship according to the customers build requirements.

– Fuel tank sequencing.
– Automatic scanning system.
– Automatic label application.
– Low cost and compact.

Overhead Pallet Storage Conveyor and Lift System

Designed and built to move finished seats on a pallet to the ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) without having to rebuild existing line on the floor.

– Automatic pallet lift system.
– Requires no extra space on the floor.
– Walking platform and stairs.
– Overhead conveyor system.

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